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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tennessee Observations

Sparta, Tennessee
Home of Lester Flatt  (of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs fame, bluegrass music)

This is not Lester’s home.

Or maybe it is for all I know.

Driving in Tennessee one gets to know what it would be like racing Nascar, especially on the Interstate.  For example if the sign states Speed Limit 70, this is referring to the minimum speed allowed, big rigs included.  In spite of the tremendous speeds on all the highways and Interstates, Tennessee’s highway fatalities for 2013 stand at 227.  This is the lowest I’ve seen posted and a testimonial to the driving skill of the people in Tennessee.  Most likely most of those 227 were out of staters (like myself) who got in the way driving 65mph.  On a side note, I have been in the state for two days now and have covered a few hundred miles without ever see a policeman, state trooper or highway patrolman.  Also when crossing the border no signs informed me to Buckle up – It’s the Law.  And it evidently is okay to talk on the phone and text while driving.  Everyone is.

I stopped to buy groceries in Crossville, Tennessee at Food City, a very nice market I might add.  At the checkout I was asked if I had my Food City Club Card.  I gave him the usual answer when asked “No, I am just a traveler passing through”.  This time I tacked on “...but I’ll take the Food City Club Card discount if you want to”.  He went over to the other checker and got their card and swiped it.  I saved $7.03!  Thank you Andrew.

I was in a museum and the lady meekly asked me if I was of age for the senior discount.  I say meekly because she didn’t want to insult me based on my youthful looks.  I looked at the sign and admitted I was a few months shy of the age requirement.  “...but I came all the way from California to see this.  That must be worth a few months, no?”  I got the $2 discount.  Just to make it clear, it’s not about the money but just the fun in playing the game for me.

The South is beautiful.  One of the things that make it so is the absence of highway billboards.  There are hardly any to be seen once off the Interstates.  So I take to reading the church signs for entertainment.  Some are pretty clever with their messages for salvation.  And with all the Baptist churches there are in the South, there’s a lot of enjoyable reading to be had while driving.  The best one so far I saw at a Baptist Church in Georgia – “Sign Broken.  Message inside this Sunday at 10:30am.”

A stroll along the Georgia beach


Carole M. said...

sounds like the local businesses are very charitable and friendly. Nice photos and experiences John

TexWisGirl said...

i like the view through your eyes. :) i've always wanted to see tennessee.

Red said...

Tennessee driving sounds like here. You can speed all you want. If you get caught don't pay the fine , they'll never catch you. We have over 120 million in unpaid traffic fines here.
I enjoy the description of your travels.

Ms. Becky said...

I love reading about your take on the culture, scenery, etc. and I'm happy that you're touring these areas as they aren't places that would be on my list for a road trip, so I get to experience all the good parts and miss the not-so-good. I wouldn't survive long in Tennessee as a driver. the last time I was pulled over it was for going too slow.
You didn't consider going to a Sunday service? That beach photo is fantastic. be safe.

What Karen Sees said...

Beautiful countryside. And I love the 'broken sign.'

biebkriebels said...

Your first photo looks almost like a painting, beautiful.

Pam said...

We liked Food City while in the area as well. On our third visit we broke down and got the card! ;) Free, after all.

Lighthousegal said...

Well you are getting close to my neck of the woods (Bowling Green, Kentucky - an hours drive from Nashville, Tennessee). It is so funny to hear you talk about Tennessee drivers being safe... there is constantly wrecks in the Nashville area and here in Bowling Green we joke about how anyone must be able to get a license in Tennessee because no one there knows how to drive. My son's significant other is from the Nashville area and we tease her and her family about their driving skills and number of accidents they have had.
Not sure where you are headed next in your travels, but I hope you enjoy them and find something interesting along the way. I know I sure enjoy reading about the things you experience along the way and love the pictures you post. Safe Travels....

Randy said...

Wow, he had a beautiful home.

Janie said...

A stroll along the Georgia beach..
This photo tells a lot.