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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Smallest Church in America

South Newport, Georgia

In 1949 Agnes Harper, a rural grocer, built this 10 x 15 foot building, the best she could do with limited funds knowing she could not afford the kind of chapel that would do justice to God.  She wrote the deed in the name of Jesus Christ.  Mrs. Harper died and Rev. G.W. Ward took care of the chapel, holding services plus the occasional wedding or baptism.  The reverend died in 1986 and since then various people have volunteered to be caretakers for it.  It remains today as a curiosity and a sanctuary for the traveler who seeks rest and escape in a cozy confinement.

Open the door, the light comes on.

Standing at the pulpit one has a good view of all 12 parishioners.

I drove through little Darien thinking I would see something worth taking a photo of since the town was established in 1736.  It looked like any other town with its abandoned stores, one hair salon, a Dollar General and two struggling gas stations trying to under-bid each other with prices.  
But there was this Spanish Moss laden tree and we all like these.

I was going on about last evening's campsite feeling I was in a tropical rain forest.  
The rain had stopped by morning and I took this before pulling out.

Incidentally, the longer the post such as this one is because I had a good strong Internet connection.  The short posts, oh it is a struggle.  They take longer to put together than these long ones.  So now you know.

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Carole M. said...

what a great use of space with the vaulted ceilings it's quite amazing the sense of space in so little space. Looks like a nice spot you've been staying John..

biebkriebels said...

That chapel looks very cosy with so little space. The spanish moss is so special to see. I had never seen it before, it all looks so green there.

Ms. Becky said...

The landscape is so lush - and the little chapel shows no evidence of mold or mildew which is nice. I like that it also has a bell tower. FYI my email address is the same as always - too much trouble to change it and I always choose the path of least resistance. I'm enjoying this trip very much. Be safe.

TexWisGirl said...

i love that tiny chapel! and the deed put in the name of Jesus Christ. how very sweet of that woman.

Red said...

I was surprised to see that the inside of the church was finished very nicely. You look at the outside and think that the inside would be rustic,

RedPat said...

Such a lovely little chapel! And Georgia looks so beautiful.

Jo's World said...

I grew up on old MGM musicals so whenever I see a picture, I hear a song to go with it. This one is Ray Charles singing Georgia on my Mind.

Beautiful little chapel, I bet someone comes in an thoroughly cleans it at least once a week. Its a tribute to a nice little Georgia lady!


Jo in MN

Randy said...

That really is a little one.

Sandy's witterings said...

Small is good. I like a good church visit (except on a sunday morning that is). The bell tower outside is great.

Little Toot 2 said...

My wife and I have been to this chapel, it is charming. You missed 2 good places to eat while you were in the area. The Old School House Cafe not too far from the chapel and B&J Steaks and Seafood. B&J's has the best shrimp and steak combo. UM good.