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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time Expired

Okemah, Oklahoma
Highland Cemetary

Meanwhile from the Prague Oklahoma Times-Herald Police Reports:
March 23, 5:36 p.m.,  Officer Ray Joiner responded to 701 Mitacek where the resident reported his 30 gal. trash can was missing.  Supplement: March 24, 9:42 a.m., the resident called the police department to inform them his trash can was back in the front yard.
Another case closed in Prague, Oklahoma


  1. Thats a very strange parking place. As joke okay. As grave I don't know.

  2. She must have had a lot of humor indeed, so have her children. You have to put coins in visiting her grave?
    Your text is very funny, it must be an exciting place overthere, a lot is going on ha,ha.

  3. Hmmm. I guess someone has an odd sense of humour and likes/liked to make people smile.

  4. The meter is a very tacky piece but the meaning is most appropriate

  5. i wish our small town would go back to those kinds of police reports (instead of our county DA and his wife murdered in their home - 2 mos. after an asst. DA was murdered on his way into the courthouse) *sigh*

    anyway, i LOVE that humor!

  6. This lady must have been hilarious. What a great find.

  7. As a retired funeral director and one who loves to roam through old cemeteries, I found great humor in this headstone.

  8. I love the cemetery adornment. Anyone who can laugh at death has an exceptional sense of humor.
    What a great newspaper story and followup! If only all our crimes could be resolved so easily.

  9. That's funny! I don't think they'd allow that in our cemeteries here in the SF Bay Area...too many restrictions. Love the police reports from small towns. They're always very entertaining!

  10. So why is there a parking meter on this tombstone. Was the person a meter officer I wonder?



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