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Monday, April 15, 2013

Whoops, We Ran Out of Road

The Atlantic Ocean got in the way.  Odd thing is that it is brown.  I am use to the green Pacific Ocean.

I drove out onto Jekyll Island near Brunswick, Georgia to see the ocean.  
It is a tropical island, no other way to describe it.

Here by chance I made a discovery of just those things I seek out in my travels.

This is one of the places where those collect calls to Alexander Graham Bell were made from.

I love the Spanish Moss draperies.

This is also where the rich come and stay for holiday.

It is where I can only come and visit for a few hours.  Time to go.

No blue sky in any of the photos as it was overcast but warm and pleasant.  Now it is raining as we camp nearby in a Regional Park that is a tropical jungle setting.  Wonderful!


Carole M. said...

oh very different photos to the many you've shared in the past John. Very interesting and nice memories, soak it up while you can.

s.c said...

Great shots. It must have been a stunning happening, that telephone call to the other end of the ocean in 1915. I also like the draping of the spanish moss. It gives the whole place an ultimate tropical and swampy outlook.

biebkriebels said...

Beautiful photos which give us a nice view of the surroundings. I once had a lecture at school about Graham Bell, in the english language. I can still remember the phrase he said "Mister Watson, can you hear me?".
Nice to see where he made his call.

TexWisGirl said...

the moss is really cool. definitely says 'southern'. :)

Jo's World said...

Are you noticing the evergreen magnolia trees? The huge ones are so beautiful with white flowers on them the size of dinner plates. Maybe too early for the flowers, but oh, they are worth seeing.

Jo in MN

Ms. Becky said...

wow, what a gorgeous, foreign landscape. that moss is very cool, something i've only seen in photos or movies. it looks humid. is it humid? something tells me it's best that i experience this through your eyes only. that first shot is my fave. be safe. and stay cool.

Randy said...

It's so green there.