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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Andersonville Prison (conclusion)

Andersonville, Georgia

Jo asked in the comments yesterday if there were ever any escape attempts made.  
This sign pretty much explains that.  Do click on the sign pictures to read them easier.

If conditions were not bad enough for the Union soldiers, they had to contend with their own also.  
This tells the story of the Raiders who were eventually dealt with in the end.

Here you see their graves, separated from all the rest.

Hope none are of any distant relative of mine.

There was a hospital for the prisoners nearby, 
but by the story here you were just as well dead if you were sent to the prison hospital.

Here is where the third hospital stood.  
Nothing to see but just a pretty scene very unlike how it was 150 years ago.

 Captain Henry A. Wirz was put in change of the prison at Andersonville.  His is a sad story for he had no resources availible to improve the conditions for the prisoners (the Confederacy barely could take care of their own army) and was held responsible in the end, being the only person of the Civil War tried and convicted of a "war crime".  The piece in the bottom right corner of the sign is interesting.

This Wikipedia link here tells of the Andersonville story if you are interested in knowing more.
I think I know more than I want to know.


biebkriebels said...

It almost looks like the camps of WW II, a horrible story to let all those men starve. You gave an interesting impression of a story I didn't know yet.

s.c said...

Yes you can leave it to mankind to make a hell on earth

Jo's World said...

A wide-awake nightmare!

Thanks for making this a two parter, John.

Jo in MN

TexWisGirl said...

how awful.

Randy said...

War is just too sad.

Beth Niquette said...

An amazing bit of history. Wow. That must have taken a long time to put together.

Fascinating, just fascinating.

Margaret said...

... speechless. I've read about this place in old books. Poor Wirz. Too bad a "higher rank" didn't take the fall - some things never change.