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Monday, May 20, 2013

Billie Joe's Bridge?

I was driving along a back road in Mississippi when I found us crossing the Tallahatchie River.  Oh! That could have been the bridge Billie Joe jumped from. (in the Bobbie Gentry song Ode to Billie Joe)  I parked and went back and saw the bridge was not that high.  Kind of hard to end your life here.

Well I did my research and the bridge in the song was at Money, Mississippi.  I was 8 miles north of Money at Philipp.  Also the Money bridge collapsed in 1972 and has since been replaced.

And besides, it is just a song.  Here is a picture of Bobbie Gentry on the bridge taken in 1967.


  1. I think that some bridges need a bit of an overhaul here.

  2. Even I recognised the name of the bridge - but I would have been hard pressed to tell you where from!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Tallahatchie - I remember some rock song from the 60's/70's with that name in it; interesting to see it be revealed here

  4. I like the word Tallahatchie, but the song I don't know. The bridge however looks rather solid to me, not one to jump off indeed.

  5. These posts that give you a look at years back just tickle me. Wiki says Bobbie Gentry is 68 years old. Hard to imagine that cute girl crossing the bridge is a senior citizen these days!


  6. I remember that song and the movie too.

  7. I loved that song! I am amazed at the vast history you dig up when you are traveling. You must of had a lot of plans made before you left.


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