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Friday, May 24, 2013

How Do They Know?

Waynesville, North Carolina

Near here was fired the last shot of the Civil War between the States.

The monument was on one person's property while you parked on the neighbor's property.  The street was very narrow (wish I had taken a photo looking down the road) and while there the local water meter guy came buy.  He'd park his car on the road blocking traffic so as to get out and read the water meter. It was a quick back up cut the wheels and gas it for the Little House on the Highway to get out of there.

I am still wondering how they came to think that was the last shot of the war?
Hope he missed.


  1. Another little jewel in your postings of nearly forgotten history of your country.

  2. Yes sometimes you wonder how they knew indeed. The communications were not that good in those times. But at least the place has a landmark to visit.

  3. an historic monument; yes you might well wonder how ...

  4. an interesting place for a monument, for sure.

  5. Seems to be some question about this:


    with the last shot being fired a whole lot further away than Waynesboro, NC!


  6. Interesting! I love Civil War monuments. A historian found a CW cannon ball and a few other odds & ends on our family farm, so he says, then buried them back up...I still wonder if he really did?!

  7. Hmmm. Without Twitter way back then, how can they be sure it was the last shot? :))

  8. Near my house in Deep Creek, Virginia is said to be the spot where the war ended, when the last rebels ran off in the Great Dismal Swamp

  9. At least they marked the possible spot.


  10. Looks like an easy marker to miss... not sure how you found it, but really interesting!


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