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Friday, May 3, 2013

It is a Good Day...

...when you get to put your polarizing filter back on.

The rain and snow flurries have ceased, and so too the unmerciful wind.  Driving yesterday was such a work out and in the end the wind won.  That and seeing a big rig that got blown off the highway into the center median strip, spewing grass and mud out onto the oncoming traffic lanes and he himself buried deep to the axles in the rain softened grass, that was enough.  We called it a day early on camping at an Army Corps Engineers campground at the base of the dam (which provided some shelter from the wind) at Wilson reservoir in north central Kansas.  In spite of the cold howling wind someone insisted on going out.  Fool!  It didn't last long.

The next morning the wind died back to a stiff breeze yet it is still very cold.  And I see locals going about their business in short sleeves!  Leaving camp I read this sign and thought it interesting.

And here is an example of the fencing.

Right now we're in the little town of Lucas, Kansas where they lay claim to the worlds largest decorated dinner plate among other folk art creations in town.

Ladies, you can thank me now for sparing you more old motorcycle photos from yesterday's museum.


  1. sinbad is too cute. i like those stone fenceposts! so cool!

    we've got the fierce wind here, too. got us back into the 30s last night.

  2. Kansas wind is ridiculous! Don't let Sindbad blow away...enjoy your day!

  3. Now, that's a clever claim to fame....the largest decorated. dinner plate. Don't you worry about what I call motor bicycles...I love seeing them. Have only ridden piggyback 3 or 4 times in y 74 years, but those rides were exhilarating and thrilling. Very windy! genie

  4. Interesting about the Kansas fence posts. Poor Sinbad looks a bit windblown.

  5. I love Sinbad with the windblown look! Tough little guy.

  6. I bet Sinbad couldn't wait to get inside and snuggle up with his bankie! (He does have a bankie doesn't he?)

    We get lots of wind off the Western prairies, winter it makes it colder but when its summer, it makes heat sort of bearable!


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  7. Yeah I remember the stone fenceposts from when we traveled through Kansas.

    Sinbad looked a little cold. :)


  8. Those posts would last a long time but they must have taken the guy a long time to build the fence.

  9. Great picture of sinbad. I like the posting about the limestone. It means that there also must be some limestone sheds or ranch houses by absence of wood. Would also be interesting to see them. It really pays off to leave the big highways.

  10. I can see the hairs of Sinbad blowing in the wind! Too bad the weather is so cold.

  11. I LOVE photos of a windblown Sinbad. We got the winds here too but escaped the snow. Nothing drives me indoors faster than wind. I hope conditions have improved for you guys. Thanks for thinking of us ladies and sparing us the motorcycle photos! be safe.


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