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Monday, May 6, 2013

On the Trail

Now see, if I had been on the Interstate a few miles south I would have missed this.  Instead I was on 
Hwy 30 or otherwise known as the Lincoln Highway and I practically had the road all to myself.

As I was walking up the hill I thought of the Twilight Zone episode where Cliff Robertson played an immigrant on a wagon train.  His son was sick with fever and he started out across the desert to seek help.  As crossed over a high dune he was transported in time some 100 years into the future.  There he stumbles upon a roadside cafe in the desert, gets some medicine and returns back to his wagon in his own time.  A great story.  I was imagining stepping back some 160 years in time.

I pretty little flower that would not have been around after the first wagon train passed through.

Notice the snow patch.  And I might add the wind has finally stopped!  It cost me 4 miles per gallon lost on that last tank full.  

Now if you think like me you might be wondering why the grass hasn't filled in the ruts.  Well cattle graze on this land and they do follow trails and paths.  Just a guess.

Looking back from where I crested the hill.

And here is looking back to where the Platte River runs, the dark band of vegetation.  Their crossing of the river was above and to the left of the Little House on the Highway.

Here I caught a glimpse of one of Nebraska's State Forests on the horizon.  See, no one on the road.
It was a great day.

And finally, has anyone ever heard of this game?  


s.c said...

Thank you for showing so clear the way the first colonists had to take to reach their destination. What an undertaking.

biebkriebels said...

What a desolated area, you must have felt the only man in the world. That's what I like about the US, the endless landscapes. Here we always see a home or a wire or you here traffic from a highway.

Jo's World said...

I looked it up on Google not being too familiar with things Bingo,and it said:
Bingo bonus pickle card game means a lottery by the sale of pickle cards game in which certain prize winners are determined by the drawing of bingo balls during the conduct of a licensed bingo occasion.

Bingo bonus hold card means a pickle card used in conjunction with a bingo bonus pickle card game which contains a bingo letter and number combination predetermined by the manufacturer to be a "hold" combination eligible for a bingo bonus prize.

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Clear as mud? I'd say so.

Jo in MN

Jo's World said...

By the way, I also wanted to thank you for the great info on early pioneers . That is endlessly interesting to me since my Great Grandpa was among the travelers.

I just got too caught up with the Bingo Pickle thing to say it.

Jo in MN

TexWisGirl said...

it is pretty amazing to think those ruts stayed as is all those decades!

grammie g said...

HI John...I sure have missed some good post you have done!! I am just amazed at all the things you photograph!! Never a dull moment with you!! ; )
I know a guy who would love that mail box in John Deere colors lol!!
That sure is some flat land on that empty highway!!
A lot of history ( which I hated in school by the way) in your travel, what a great experiences!! When as you coming my way : )!!

Bingo and pickles hmm..nope!!!

Ms. Becky said...

yeah, whenever I travel west I enjoy reading the historical markers about the settlers' routes, imagining what it must have been like for them. I find it fascinating and never tire of it. it looks extraordinarily dry there, surprising given the time of year. I hope Sinbad is liking his journey through the great plains. be safe.

Randy said...

Road trips are so awesome.