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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Right in the Middle of it All

Lebanon, Kansas

There I was at the geographical center of America, equidistant going north or south, and the same if we went east or west.  Where should we go?  Which direction now?  I decided to flip a coin on the matter and when I did the Kansas wind took my quarter and it was never seen again.

A lady told me that they recently discovered that regarding the actual center spot they are off a bit.  Well aren't we all?  If so, it is probably due to pieces of California dropping off into the Pacific Ocean.


Jo's World said...

How fun to be at a such a place. Maybe, (so you won't lose anymore money) you should pin a map up and toss a dart for which way you might go next. You'd have to close your eyes and of course, Sinbad should get in under something!

Jo in MN (turn right for MN)

TexWisGirl said...

just laughing at your commentary. :)

Randy said...

I've always wondered where the center of the U.S. was.

s.c said...

Wonderful shots again. Especially the first with the road over the rolling bumps in the landscape. Funny that you can determine a geographical middle point in a land. In Chile it could be the half in length but is it then also the half in width. Norway, Sweden ,Finland,England,Italy or Austria all trouble to determine. I wish the geographical wizards a nice puzzle.