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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Signs

Amarillo, Texas

I plan a new segment to my blog, every Sunday show a sign I photographed while touring the South.
Since I did another post of the Cadillac Ranch yesterday, it was only fitting to show this sign situated where you parked your car off the frontage road before hiking in onto the farmer's field.  I thought it amusing a couple individuals went to a lot of effort to tag the sign considering how high it is from the ground.  No doubt a previous sign at a normal level was obliterated in a short time.  And please notice the icicles, I suffered greatly in bringing this to you.  

The sign reminded me of these pictures I had taken while in the field by the Cadillacs.  
I had forgotten about them.   

Yeah, so when you empty your can of spray paint on a Cadillac, just toss your can into the field.  
Everyone does.

I just stood there amazed.  Just what is going through these people's minds anyway?


  1. This is so horrible to see. What kind of people are they to smash their trash on someone's field.

  2. How stupid can you be. Its a lot worse then I thought. Perhaps their brains where frozen.

  3. I don't know how many times I've hiked into the Rockies and carried out other people's trash...this makes me want to smack someone! Gerrr...

  4. truly, sometimes i'm ashamed to be a human.

  5. People like Tex and the rest of your writers have nothing to be ashamed of and the people who SHOULD be ashamed have no idea what that means! Its a sad story.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  6. Obviously someone doesn't give a hoot about the earth. Re your question on my blog, no filters. This was straight out of the camera. Some days I am amazed by the colors of our skies. Not today though, nothing but gray skies.

    1. I think we would wind up off course in out travels trying figure out who or how often somone gathers them up and takes them to where empty spray paint cans go to die. This is probably some weird outlandish ( definately not earth friendly) Cadillas painting ritual in that area.

  7. Sometimes there's nothing that goes on in some people's minds...if they even have one.

    Love the first pic with icicles.


  8. I'm afraid the sign does seem to be rather asking for it - no excuse to leave you can lying around in a field afterwards though.


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