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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Site

Gibsland, Louisana

The year was 1934.  That was 79 years ago last week.
The locals seem to like to reenact the moment onto the monument.

The pair had just came up this road traveling north towards the nearby town of Arcadia Louisiana, with the intention of robbing their bank.

The road ahead of them was the last scene Bonnie and Clyde saw.

The law was hiding in the brush up the slope from the road.

The view the law enforcement officers had.

Now that is how the scene is today but back in 1934 the road looked like this.  So a lot has changed and you can imagine all the shooting was done at a much closer range.


  1. you stepped where they trod ... all those years ago

  2. Exciting to be at a historic place, I like that to imagine what happened in those times. Thanks for the pictures and the last one makes it complete.

  3. i like that - 'the locals want to reenact'. :)

  4. Is it the locals who have shot up the stone with the B&C info on it?

    I won't forget the movie of a few years back with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. That last scene where they shot them up was pretty memorable.

    Jo in MN

  5. My husbands wants to visit that site. Louisiana is a long way from Canada, so, I'll show him your photos instead ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing these images John. It's just the sort of history I love to see and of course given the chance places to visit.

  7. All I can think of is the movie. You've made a mini movie with your successive shots. This is weird, but I like it.

  8. Most people probably drive by and don't realize it.

  9. Thanks for letting me "borrow" these pics for my book trailer and/or website. This scene has huge significance in my book, Wanted: Dead or In Love (where the deadly outlaws come back to life via the bodies of two innocent teens). ;)


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