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Sunday, June 23, 2013

1937 Hudson Terraplane

Seen at last week's flea market (where I am this morning) parked near where I parked.  
The owner has done this car right simply by leaving it alone in all of its splendor of original patina. 

Spot light up top, siren on the fender, this was the cop car of it's time.

As I approached it an elderly couple asked if it was mine.  I was about to ask them the same thing thinking it may have been the car they honeymooned in.  As I stood there a woman with her young daughter asked me if I minded her taking a picture of it with her little girl standing next to it.  For a dollar.

Air conditioned too.  On the steering column was a small fan aimed at the driver also.
Interior was all original and in great condition.
How many of you had a car with curb feelers?

Look closely and you will be able to see fake bullet holes.  They are decals but realistically looking enough that I had to run my fingers over one.  The top photo you can see some also.


  1. You could have earned quite some money if you had stood there a bit longer. I like all the details and that it has been a police car. Are you sure the bullets holes are fake, it was a police car so it could have been hit.

  2. That is a car that mean business. Great one and thanks to share it with us.

  3. made me smile this post. The kerb feelers, what? could you hear if they scraped the kerb?? Or you could tell when you got out that you'd bumped the kerb too close because they were all crumpled up? Amazing, the bullet hole decals.

  4. awesome, awesome, awesome, love the old cars and especially the people who keep them vintage looking!

  5. it is great. wonder why they felt the need to dramatize it with the fake bullet holes.

  6. The original paint patina and curb feelers are very cool! I'm guessing the owner of this vehicle is quite a character!

  7. Wonderful! Reminds me of the movie about the Hudson cars.

  8. That is one COOL car fake bullet holes and all.


  9. Lovely, lovely and only one year older than I am!

    The fake bullet holes were too bad, but some people just don't know when to say when!

    Thanks for this little walk down Memory Lane!


  10. Beautiful! Much better than if some restorer got ahold of it.

  11. She's a beauty, I love that word, patina.

  12. What Movie about the Hudson Car, Redpat?


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