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Friday, June 14, 2013

Showmen's Rest III

Hugo, Oklahoma

So why Hugo?  Well since 1937 more than 22 circuses have used Hugo as their winter home due to the flat land, green grass and relative good winter weather.  For those few months Hugo can boast having the second largest herd of elephants in the country.

I was curious as to why he died at such a young age. An accident perhaps while performing?  
I couldn't find anything about Sammy Perez.

Like my hat?

I assume they are still alive, and Anna May was their elephant.


  1. They all look so nice and so well maintained. I like those special stones with elephants and all the other attributes the showpeople use.

  2. That you want an own place by religion or heritage is understandable but by profession ( exception the military but for an other reason) is a new one but you gave the reason away and why not.

  3. I had no idea this cemetery existed. Fascinating!

  4. in some of the pics today, they didn't live too long, wonder if any were work related accidents..

  5. thanks for explaining why that location. a very special 'family' plot.

  6. interesting cemetary

  7. I wondered too about the early deaths, even as early as 50yrs old.
    It couldn't have been a very healthy life style insofar as taking care of health problems, like blood pressure, diabetes or the heart. Bet they were cigarette smokers all, working under a certain amount of pressure almost all the time. God love them all!

    Jo in MN

  8. Fascinating series. Do you think Samuel Perez died in a trapeze accident? He was so young. Maybe a jealous husband instead...

  9. What wonderful tributes to these people. Thanks for sharing John and yes I like your hat.


  10. They're interesting to say the least.

  11. A bit late on this post John... I wonder if Jack Lloyd was a relative.
    Fultons hail from Scotland.


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