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Friday, June 7, 2013

What is so Special About This Building?

Pulaski, Tennessee

It sits innocently enough on a side street in Pulaski.
See the Little House on the Highway parked down a ways?

Well it is this one part of the building that holds a place in history, for it was behind this door the original Ku Klux Klan originated on December 24, 1865.  There has been three inceptionss of the Klan over the years but the first was right here, founded by six Confederate veterans of the Civil War.

Here is the plaque that acknowledges the site.  Can't read anything?  That is because the plaque has been turned backwards toward the wall in protest and shame.

And there it hangs, face to the wall.


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  2. Thats a first I see that a plaque isn't removed but turned upside down. Now the danger consist that it will be turned around again. As with history, it has happened in more cases. Apart from that the building looks very well maintained.

  3. An ugly place from a bad past. Placing the plaque the other way around is rather clever.

  4. such a pretty place for such a sad history.

  5. Yeah what Tex said. Glad they turned the plaque around.


  6. Fascinating to make a tribute to such a horrendous place in our past. Great shot of the plaque.
    Yes it's going to be Uber hot this weekend.
    The Central Sacramento Valley really gets slammed when the heat pours in.

  7. Nice building, bad occupants.

  8. Interesting and strange that this building is maintained and marked with a plaque. I guess history is history, good or bad. I like that the plaque is turned around... like a child being "timed out".

  9. I'm sending this link to my daughter, she loved the Civil Rights Pilgrimmage she went on with her college. History is important as its a lesson to the mistakes we shouldn't make again. Unfortunately still so much hate in this country and around the world.


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