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Monday, September 9, 2013


This is our camp we had when I hastily left at dusk as Sinbad seemed to be worse.

Along Hat Creek

It was the day after Labor Day and only one guy was there, in a tent at the other end of the small campground.  I wonder what thoughts went through his mind as he stood there by his campfire seeing me haul ass out of the camp at 8 pm.  I left my little pay stub for that night's camp fee behind on that post.  It could still be there. 

Sinbad is doing much better.  We had a couple more episodes with Saturday evening being the last...so far.  I feel so bad for him as he stands there on the counter dry heaving into the sink.  I talk to him saying it will be okay and gently pet him, then wipe his mouth off.  I feel he looks to me as if to make it all better and I am so helpless.  But then he is fine, jumps down off the counter and will lay down next to me in the chair or on the floor at my feet.
Sunday was a good day.



  1. Not much cats have traveled so much miles so well documented. Hope you can ad an new chapter to his travels.

  2. The other camper must had thought you frigtenend him ha,ha. Hope Sinbad will keep well, indeed you must feel helpless to see him suffering. Give him a hug from me and a paw from Sofietje.

  3. ..glad things are looking better for your Sinbad; hopefully he will keep picking up

  4. I've had that feeling too, that they look to you for help and comfort. Be strong...hoping this passes soon!

  5. Hopefully Sinbad will make a complete recovery fast.


  6. I sure do hope Sinbad gets better soon.

  7. Hi John... Wow it is such a helpless feeling, it makes me teary eyed!!

    Hope thing are better soon!!

    A few extra pats for Sinbad from me,and a hug for you!!


  8. As the owner of a tent, I suspect the camper watched you leave the camp at 8pm with a certain amount of envy. If I had my tent up at that time of night, the only reason it would be coming own would be if I had a real bed to go to.

    Glad Sinbad's feeling better.


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