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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Channel Drive

This is Channel Drive, a 2 point something mile road leading into the center of Annadel State Park along it's northern edge.  There is virtually no vehicle traffic worth mentioning on this road.  Just the few hikers who may want to begin their trek at the W.P. Richardson trail head which is also a fire road into the park.  

Just around the bend in the distance is a large dirt parking area ideal for equestrians and their horse trailers.  So other than horse people and the few hikers, the bulk of the use on this road are with walkers, joggers and bicyclists.

There is Channel Trail that parallels the road just up within those trees a few feet offering an easy hike on a dirt trail with no climbing involved.  All the other trails leading into the interior of the park are at the very least a one mile uphill trail before it levels out, somewhat.  

 While the park is all to the south (or to the right as you view it here) just off to the left is a ravine, the State Park property line.  Beyond that are homes, part of my little village of Oakmont.

Most of the time when I go off gallivanting around in Annadel I'll access it from Channel Drive except I don't have to drive the 6 or so miles to access this road.  I drive two miles in my little community and park where I have the Little House on the Highway stored, cross the footbridge over the stream to Channel Drive then decide which of the several trail heads along the drive to take for the day's outing.

Yes, I am a pretty lucky guy.


Carole M. said...

a very leafy and picturesque location John; all so convenient for you to access too

s.c said...

Beautiful road. I now know why painters often use blue to express a sunny day under the leaves. Its in the light. Thanks for showing.

TexWisGirl said...

it's really beautiful. the tree canopy is very pretty.

photowannabe said...

Yes indeed!!
You are one lucky guy to live in such a lovely area and have access so close by.
Love all the photos.
To answer the question on my blog...
The face is on the left side of the picture and it's 2 bushy cloud eyes, nose and smile.
I just like finding things in the clouds.

Rose said...

Yes, you are a lucky guy...I love driving a road that has trees on either side...Lorelei, our granddaughter says we are in a jungle then.

Randy said...

Nice touches of Autumn yellow.