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Monday, October 7, 2013

Flea Market - Collectables

These old tools and door knobs are collectibles indeed.

This fellow had an array of camera equipment including flash bulbs.  Do they still make them?  
See a camera here that you may have started out with?

I doubt any of this is authentic but it was this lady's passion, Indian stuff.
Or should I have said Native American?

Some Christmas ornaments are collectibles and I bet we may have a couple ourselves which I held on to from my grandmother's stock.  These here though are not, but maybe someone would be interested.
Ooo...just had a thought.  They would be fun for target practice with my BB gun.


  1. Everything looks as though it has been laid out carefully. I think I recognise some of those Christmas ornaments from my decorations box.

  2. Yes such a market is an eternal well for nice pictures. I know the feeling.

  3. That looks like the greatest flea market ever!

  4. Some of those cameras and flashbulbs looked familiar. It's amazing people still have that stuff. We moved so often, we didn't do much moss-gathering, somewhat to our regret.

  5. the ornaments make very pretty pictures too.

  6. Our flea markets only have junk and knock offs. Yours is cool


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