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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flea Market - Memories, Dreams and a Vision

I like the sellers who take pride in showing their wares, displaying them neat and orderly.

 I'll not criticize this seller for a large assortment of small tools like this would be very time consuming to lay out with any sense of order and besides, buyers will rummage through it anyway and make a mess. 

I don't think I have ever bought a rock in my life.  All the rocks I have I've brought home from my travels and were ones that I have found.  Unfortunately very few of them I remember where they came from.  Okay, I just recalled one here in my study.  I gave the donation of $1 at the Crazy Horse monument in South Dakota for a fist-sized piece of granite from the sculpture rubble.  

The next two are two different sellers.  They don't have much out there compared to others but maybe, just maybe, someone might want something from a far off land they will never get to visit.

This guy has had these three tackle boxes out for weekends on end.  No one has bought even one.  Maybe he's asking for too much compared to what you can get one for at Walmart.  He might be selling individual items from each and the boxes are for display only.  Could be.

The next two, this guy is not related to the above tackle boxes.  He is out at the flea market maybe only once or twice out of the month of Sundays.  I admire his repair and refurbishing of fishing reels, poles and hand tools.  I always envisioned him having a little workshop out in back or attached to the garage.  A little place where he can get away from the wife, listen to the radio, have a little heater on, a hot plate to the side with a pot of coffee simmering while he tinkers away at fixing and making usable quality items from the past.  One day I had to ask.  He has to pull the wife's car out of the garage where he can roll out a little 4x6 workbench and from that does what he does.  When done for the day he has to roll it back out of the way and put the wife's car back.  

Yes, I walked away that day with shattered visions.  I wished I hadn't asked.


  1. It amazes me what some people will buy at flea markets and garage sales. I do understand tools, though. ;)

  2. There is always a lot to see at flea markets. But there is already so much stuff in our own home, we can start our own fleamarket....

  3. you make me laugh. yes, sometimes dreams are best left as fantasy. :)

  4. I am with you on liking some order to displays...but don't mind a bunch of like-items together.

  5. Now, the last guy really has himself a neat table. If you needed one of his tools, you could find it. But the fishing pole man...he has to be my favorite. He goes thru so much to do his refurbishing”. They are so pretty.

  6. You gotta wonder sometimes about the sellers don't you.


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