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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Flea Market - Organized

Some sellers lay their wares out in a very orderly fashion.  I admire that.

I've watched this guy set up before.  Each piece is meticulously laid out evenly spaced, and he has several large tables worth.  I've often wondered how long it takes him to set up.  I've never asked but I have commended him on his display which he appreciated.

I've only seen this guy once before and his set-up would rival a museum display.

There is a collector for most everything you can imagine.


  1. This are the kind of photo's you need to look longer to see if there is anything you would buy. I like it so detailed.

  2. «Louis», with a background in the supermarket business, would enjoy getting ahold of some of those old food tins.

  3. it's kind of 'surprising' what people will 'collect' .... and then sell

  4. they obviously love what they collect and sell. :)

  5. I would much rather peruse a booth like this than one where everything is just thrown together and I have to dig around to see everything. This guy has style!

  6. I bet this guy sells more by being organized than he would if just kept his treasures in boxes. I know I want to hang around a neat display a lot longer than around a messy one.

  7. Wonderful to see... So much effort for so little money.

  8. I kind of enjoy digging around in stuff, and usually if you ask the seller if they have something, they know about where it is!


    Jo, Stella and Zkhat


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