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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flea Market - The Regulars

Some sellers are regulars, every Sunday in the same spot.  This guy for example buys two spots and is always on the end.  He hauls all his junk out in that trailer every Sunday, then hauls it all back home at the end of the day.  I usually pass him by for it seems like always the same stuff.  Maybe he has a few "new" items now and then, I don't know.  Plus it is awkward to see what he has.  If you step over on this side to view things you're trapped at the other end and can't get out for the tables he has set up.  If you stay to the left on the outside, you cannot see what is to see inside.  Last week he says to me "Come on in."  I said "How? You need an opening so people can get in to see what is on the other side."  He goes "Oh, I guess you're right" and moves that grey toolbox to create an opening.  This week, he's back to his old ways.

Some sellers want the perimeter spaces so that they can use the chain link fence to hang things from.  She has used toys, stuffed animals, dolls and so on.  You'd think they wouldn't sell but I've watched the families come through and the little ones pick up a toy and they want it.  Putting it back down is not an option.  Sold. This is especially so with the Mexican families.
See, she's cold.

Oh my, Christmas crap is already showing up at the flea market.  Maybe they are just cleaning out their garage you might think.  No, those with tables and sun shades are usually regulars doing this every weekend.  Some buy unpaid rent storage units at auctions and sell what they get at the flea market.  I think the guy at the top is one of them.  Others it seems go to Walmart and buy SALE items or the Dollar Stores and buy things for a buck then bring them out here to re-sell for more.  That's my take on brand new items I see.

 DVD's are a big item.  There is a small stack to the left but every week I see tables and boxes full of them.  Hundreds upon hundreds.  When you see lots of plastic tubs and crates under tables, those are the regulars hauling their stuff back and forth every week.  Cardboard boxes are usually the one time shot, cleaned the garage out sellers.

This lady is out every weekend and I just love her old VW bus.  I think there are sellers out there who look for a good deal at a thrift shop or yard sale, the item they can pick up for next to nothing knowing it will sell at a good price at the flea market.  I think she is one of those sellers.  The astute buyer.  I've often wondered how many regulars actually do well enough to get by on without having a job during the week working for someone else.


  1. ...I guess there's something here for someone ??

  2. Until now it looks very similar to the products you find here on flea markets.

  3. Oh, I so often wonder if they make any money at all. And at the covered bridge festival that is for 10 days every october, they pay a premium for space at it and I just don't see how people make any money.

    I was looking at rings at one, she had a price of $25, and I offered her $20....she gave me a lecture on I was trying to cheat her...I didn't say anything...kind of ticked me off. She said she didn't have a husband to take care of her...I walked away...but could have said a whole lot more. She was assuming a lot and you know what they say when you assume things....

  4. I think some people just make a career out of it.

  5. i'd never make it as a vendor - especially for resale stuff. i couldn't stand the clutter. couldn't handle hawking it to folks. couldn't handle crowds going thru stuff. heck, most of the time, i can't even handle being a 'looker'.

  6. I like the VW bus too.
    They're probably making good money.

  7. HI John... Lol do we ever have one of those about 2 miles from me on the main road!! It is a total mad house all summer long, and as late as the people will come in the fall!!
    Ya know one man's trash another man's treasure!!
    I looked things over real good, and the only thing I saw I might need someday is the wheelchair in your other post! : ))


  8. Flea markets always fascinate me. Like that vw bug.

  9. A group I belong to held a garage sale last June. Personally, I thought most of the stuff was junk...but we made more than a thousand dollars. ALL of us were shocked.

  10. The economy has forced many folks to seek out flea markets and yard sales. I have always been an aficionado of yard sales. In the last few years I have noticed many more people going to them, and some of those are resellers. I feel lucky to be retired and not have to worry too much about working and feeding my family. My dad loved going to them. He occasionally even sold things, but his love was old things and talking with people. Those who appear week after week, are looking to chat mostly, I think. The woman who would not bargain over the ring really wouldn't be there unless she had to be. Regular sellers always bargain.

  11. I really like the umbrella in the last picture. This flea market must be HUGE. I would be tired before I ever got started. I am one that will walk and not buy a thing. I’m loving’ your pictures.

  12. interesting variety of people and things. i enjoy going to flea markets too.



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