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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hood Mountain

Hood Mountain State Park sets behind our home.  This is Hood Mountain itself and our house is behind those trees at the left.  I took this photo from our neighbor's house across the 14th fairway.  I don't hike all that much at Hood Mountain.  I prefer the trails of Annadel State Park more.  Annadel is just as close but behind me from where I took this picture.  We have a nice view of Annadel.  Norm and Ann have a nice view of Hood Mountain.

One day last month I decided to hike some at Hood Mountain for a change of scenery.

Here is a nice meadow with some refreshing spring water too.

Oh, well maybe not a good idea.

There is a trail to the summit of Hood Mountain.  I had not planned on going there when I left the house, nor when I started hiking.  But as things sometimes happen, I ended up going to the top.  As yesterday's post was about bad planning, this is about no planning at all.

to be continued


  1. Well you live for sure in a stunning environment. I would like to see a mountain or even some hills from my window.

  2. What a view you have from your window! I am jealous to see that. Just walk from your home up to the mountain in front of you, you are very lucky.

  3. You have make beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  4. nice that you can get to nature on foot from your house.

  5. «Louis» looks forward to the continuation of this!

    He'll have to drive the Vachemobile up to Sonoma County and check this out!

  6. This is a beautiful area. Uhhh Oh. hope all went well....guess we'll see.


  7. No planning can be great!;-)
    Have a good weekend John!

  8. Some of the nicest days start with no plan at all, but I'm a planner at heart.

  9. John you live in a beautiful place... and to have those high places to wander about from home makes me so jealous... and so determined to get fit again. I have to drive over 100 miles to my favourite hills.

  10. There used to be a spring above the town I lived in. Good old pure Scottish water and an iron cup chained to a rock so you could drink some on the way up the hill. I wonder if health and safety still allows this or it's now deemed "nonpotable" too.


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