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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day

I went into the Bay Area to have lunch with a friend the other day.  I never like to go there.  I think about if the "Big One" (earthquake) hits while I am there.  The bridges will be damaged and closed.  Then how will I get home?  
Martinez has a lot of shops in it's small downtown area and we walked around in a few of them.

These antique shops are packed to the rafters with junk.  Way too much stuff for me to take in all at once.  I get easily overwhelmed.   Being at eye level this toy truck caught my eye.  I immediately thought of the little boy this once belonged to and how he must have spent hours in the backyard playing in the dirt.  I did.  I wonder where that little boy is now, all grown up.

I just had that infernal iPhone with me to take pictures with and I never hold it steady enough.  Many of the pictures came out blurry.  This was the better of the lot taken in a back room of the shop.  I guess people collect most anything.

A couple shops later my eyes and ears drew me in.  Music from It's a Beautiful Day was playing.  I haven't heard that album in way too long of a time.

The lady had a really nice display of music from the 60's and 70's.

Being a big Bob Dylan fan this really captured my attention.  She had this nice black and white photo I had never seen before mounted on black board with the lyrics to License to Kill typed out below.

 Then I saw another with the lyrics to Subterranean Homesick Blues.  I don't think they were for sale, just for looks but now I am wondering.  Maybe there was a price tag on the back.  

The photographs were much nicer than my shaky blurry iPhone pictures show here.  Maybe I was just nervous about getting back over the bridge onto the North Bay shore safely before the Big One struck.

If you don't remember It's a Beautiful Day, click on this and see if this tune is not familiar.

Question:  I set up my posts the day before and schedule them to come on in the middle of the night so my Australian followers can see then early in their day.  Well lately the posts have not showed up until like 6 or so hours later in the morning.  I've looked into this on the Blogger Forum and it seems that this has happened before with a number of people.  Anyone experience this and have a solution?  I am changing the time for this post and will see what happens.


s.c said...

Yes sometimes an iphone as camera is very useful. Nice trip. And about the earthquake. When heaven falls down we all have a blue head. ( Dutch phrase translated, hope you get the idea).

Jo's World said...

The idea of the big quake really gives me a scare too but I thought you natives were very easy going about this, sort of
"come see-come saw" (from an old song or something!)


Jo in MN

biebkriebels said...

I like the photos of Bob Dylan, you have to cross the bridge again and get them! I didn't know the song but like it as I like almost everything about those sixties. I am walking the memory lane too at the moment.

Anonymous said...

My oldest son was a Bob Dylan fan.
He used to go about the house
singing it. I thought yikes the guy sounds wird. Then after about six times him singing it.

It got me singing it.Knocking on Heavens door.

Yes I wonder about that the old truck.

My brothers used to have them.

Now that lets me blab my age.

TexWisGirl said...

there are times that the feed gets delayed for whatever reason - and it is sporadic, happening to different bloggers at different times. i'll see a blog on my sidebar that posted that i don't see in feedly until maybe 6-12 hrs later. i don't think it's a fix we can control. it's a blogger glitch. but it returns to normal within a few days or so.

as for the tonka truck, we had a tonka dump truck as part of our farm set. i LOVED playing with it. inside the house or outside in the tractor tire sand box...

MarkD60 said...

If there was an earthquake and you were trapped, you could scope out this antique shop better!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

All I remembered of that album was the name until a year ago, then I listened to the little bits that Amazon tries to tempt you with - Hey, I remember that, and that, and that. Well, it was the 1960s.
Never seen those Dylan photos either.
Or maybe I have?

Carole M. said...

I empathise with your hesitance venturing in the vicinity of the quake - it's a mindset thing to juggle the odds. I'm sure you had a nice catch-up with your friend on the day, and you got to meander some of your favourite stores. No suggestions on the scheduling; I think Blogger just sometimes has a gremlin step in.

genie said...

You did a fine job with your iPhone. I am finding myself using it more and more. It is SO light. By the way, Bud said to tell you 11 hours 7 minutes. I tell you, he has lost his mind...and he wants to do it again next year. Trust me..I will stay home. No more of those windy mountain roads and the rain!

Reena said...

Also a Dylan fan, love that image as well! My brother had a Tonka truck ... I loved playing with it!

Randy said...

I love a good antiques store.

grammie g said...

Hi John... You never cease to amaze me!!
Love Betty Boop's...glad you got back safely!!