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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monday Mural - The Big One

Dothan, Alabama

I've been showing a lot of murals from Dothan which is just a honey hole of murals.
    Can you believe my good fortune at not having any cars in the way!
Well there is that one miscreant.

This one was by far the largest and I took two separate pictures 
so to better appreciate the detail work that went into this mural.
Do click on each photo to see it bigger and better.

This also happened to be the first mural I shot in Dothan.  At this point I was unaware that each mural had it's story written and framed off to the side and thus I don't know the story behind this one.  
Look closely you can see to the far right the framed story I missed.

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  1. This mural is humongous! You got lucky on the parking.

  2. I think those murals are typically American, I never see those huge paintings here. It is a whole story with these images, with lots of nice details.

  3. Tons of detail in this humongous mural!

  4. That is one amazing mural, you were lucky you only had the one car.

  5. That is stupendous!! And only 1 car!! Mine this week has lots of cars.

  6. Peanuts from start to finished product we use maybe? I don't know what the gentlemen in the white apron is doing.

  7. How lucky were you that only one car was in the way. This is a fantastic mural.

  8. the trumpet on the bottom one is the coolest!

  9. To me, that first picture with the car parked, looks like its going to get shoveled off. Wonder what all the strips of paper are!


  10. It's fabulous! Funny how we often miss things at first.

  11. The car had to be in this photo to show how large the mural is. Murals, no matter how simple show an interesting story.


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