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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rest Stop

I cheated here.  I do little to nothing with the pictures I put on this blog mainly because I don't know all that much about photoshopping pictures.  This one here I messed around with "vibrancy".  Now if I were back in the New England states now as were my plans for the Fall, I'd be seeing fall colors in real life with such vibrancy.  Some day.


  1. There is a world of time to be wasted once photshop get you!!

    I like the bike picture.

    The coastline of SW Victoria is really rather good - I'll being going back soon!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. I once saw the stunning indian summer trees in New England, it is worth to go there once.... You will for sure.

  3. Love the B&W bike photo, nicely done!
    OK autumns are usually disappointing so we too hope to make it to the NE someday. Enjoy your day!

  4. Sometimes we here in the midwest get dazzling autumns and other times (like this year) its pretty much a dud. Gotta roll with the punches, John.


    Jo in MN

  5. Autumns a great time of year for tree colour... unless you are unlucky like me and it's cold wet and not bright enough to capture anything worth sharing.

  6. pretty pics John. Not sure about New England but the leaves here in Pa were not as vibrant this year...at least that's my opinion.


  7. Photography is in the processing ... IMHO ... And you did well. Love them.

  8. There is no such thing as cheating on your own blog. "Rest Stop" would be a good title for the bicycle picture in a photo contest. It'd win.

  9. the monotone bike photo looks fabulous John; just resting up kind of thing. I love the fall colours you discovered .. then when they start falling to the ground gently in a breeze, that's kind of enchanting when you're standing in a quiet spot. No vibrant autumnal colours here, the climate isn't cold enough to give it the big impact.


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