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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tea and Chat

My wife is having a tea party today.  Best I go away for the day.

Honestly though I know all the women coming over and would do fine visiting with them.  It's just the noise of 15 women yakking all at once would be more than my hearing could tolerate.
Now some of you might be wondering how we have such an assortment of tea cups and saucers.  Well when my grandmother (the hoarder) died we were at the house helping to clean it out.  In her bedroom I pulled out this cardboard box from beneath her bed.  It had "For Janie" written on it.  Inside, each carefully wrapped, were all these tea cups and saucers many of which are from England.
I also found my long lost Teddy Bear under there too.

Nope, for me today it was all suds

and silence.


  1. ...suds??? Were they chips ... look so different, not ribs? They kind of look glazed? Not sure what! (I more thought the suds meant the froth on your beer John)

  2. What a sweet story about the tea cups your grandmother left you. They look so nice on the table your wife made up. You could have served the tea to the ladies though? Dressed in your best suit? :)

  3. My wife sometimes have "Girls Nights", where all the girls come over and I leave too. Looks like you found a good spot!

  4. Now I am craving French Fries. Those look really good.

  5. i wouldn't be one for a tea party. i was never proper or dainty. :) i'd have joined you at the pub, maybe. fries w/ no salt, please. and a gin and tonic or wine instead of a beer. but we could sit in silence, too.

  6. p.s. i do admire those tea cups and saucers, though, and think it is really great that 'janie' uses them instead of just stores them away.

  7. You can sit in the middle with TEx on your right, and me on your left. Not all of us love hen parties!

    I am troubled by calling Grandmother a "horder". We all wind up with family treasures from Mom, Grandmom, and aunties. Don't know what to do with them but lovingly pass them on!


  8. I to would like to join you in the pub John... it looks like my kind of place to relax.
    My mother has about five old tea sets that used to belong to her mother and aunties and has them displayed.

  9. what a lovely assortment of tea cups and saucers but not my cup of tea :)


  10. Oh man, I had to give up beer years ago but that looks damn good. And I'm going to go look for jokes -- must be one that starts with; "Man walks into a bar with his cat...

  11. Hi John...I can relate to a room full of women, it is hard on the brain even if they are my friends!! LOL

    What a great treasure to have inherited , hope the ladies had a special time,...and for all you know there may have been a spot of something stronger in the
    tea!! : ))

    I must say your cup of tea looks very inviting!!


  12. Deep down I know you made the right choice!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  13. I love all the different tea cups and you, well your wife, has given me a great idea. My mother and grandmother also collected tea cups, which I inherited and most are packed away in boxes. I think I will dig them out and have a tea party for my daughters and daughters-in-law, to visit and share memories of my mom and grandmother with the younger generation. Hope you wife had a great party!

  14. I think everyone should have a tea party once!
    How lovely that your grandmother gave those cups to your wife. Did she kick you out or did you really want to go to the pub?

  15. I used to have an assortment of teacups my mother started collecting for me...then when I started paring my possessions down for our eventual on the road lifestyle they were one of the first things to go. It was a real moment to realize they represented what I wanted to be for my mother as opposed to what I really am. I kept two for when she visits!

  16. My liking of a cuppa is indeed well known, but in this case it all looks a bit delicate and definately a ladies afternoon.
    I think your visit to the pub is a fine idea.
    Your pint looks good - what is it. It looks darker that the standard American beer we get over here. In recent years you've been letting some better beer out of your grasp and we've been finding that you don't all spend your time drinking Bud and Millar lite (Eugh!!)


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