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Sunday, November 10, 2013

American Pickers

I had intended this post for Monday morning so you could watch it that night.  But the TV people went and did a schedule change to the series and it showed last Wednesday, unbeknownst to me.  My Tivo recorded it and I only discovered it yesterday.

For those of you who may watch the television show America Pickers, the guys will pick a place I went to last year.  It is in Mullinville, Kansas.  Just by seeing the content of this man's "art" along the roadside, pretty much convinced me at the time I didn't want to spend anytime visiting him.  Well after seeing the program I know I made the right choice.  He is a cantankerous 84 year old man.  Funny though, Mike and Frank enjoyed him.  Here is a link to the post I did on that place.  The first two photos are not of the place.


  1. no doubt there's a lot of thought behind most everyone of those "things" ...

  2. What a human can achieve when he set his mind to it. I have learned that there is always a balance in live. The higher you achieve on one side the lower you go on the other. I can't prove it but saw it to many times in my time working as an architect.

  3. Yes I remembered your post,you certainly made the right choice!

  4. i remember that place. i am glad you didn't give him any of your time. some of his pieces made me very uncomfortable.

  5. Maybe they just pretended to enjoy him.


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