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Friday, November 1, 2013

Flea Market - Patches, Hats and Cards

Well Blogger did it again.  Yesterday's post showed up on my Reading List 7 hours later than I had it scheduled.  Blogger is aggravating.  Not as aggravating I suppose as HealthCare.gov is for those trying to sign up for Obamacare.  Wonder if they are linked in some way?   Well this was in the news:  Google engineers tapped to revive HealthCare.gov.  No, I don't have any other questions, thank you.

This gentleman sells patches among other things.  This rack is mostly military themed...

while on the tables he has most everything else imaginable.  I've never gone through them as I may want one then later I'd wonder what I was going to do with it.  I am not a patch, decal or bumper sticker person. 

 This seller is out here occasionally.  It must take him a long time to set this all up.  Whereas I am not a patch, decal or bumper sticker person, I do have a collection of hats.  This comes from not having much hair on top of my head.  I don't need anymore hats.

Across from the hat guy is this lady with her hats.  If I were a woman I would wear a hat.  

Lack of hair has nothing to do with that decision.  I just think a woman looks sharp wearing a hat.
Is that old person thinking?

Baseball cards.  What is the fascination there?  I never had them when I was a little guy either.  The bubble gum was horrible.  I did have a stack of airplane cards.  They were pretty neat.  Nice color photo of the plane in flight.  On the back of each was the statistics about that particular airplane.  How big, how fast, what it was used for, etc.  I would buy the latest selection and throw away the gum.

Okay Blogger, work with me on this one will ya?


  1. ..I'm not sure who buys these things; I guess there is a market for them else they wouldn't be there paying rent and not selling

  2. I won't certainly wear those hats, I shouldn't know when to wear one. On my bike? Going to the supermarket, walking in the woods? I only wear sometimes a little one against sunshine in warm countries.

  3. Still I would love to spend some time here. Never know what you find.

  4. hee hee...
    «Louis» being "chrome of dome" is now wearing hats...
    Finding melanoma on said dome encourages that...

    Like you, as a kid, «Louis» didn't care for the bubble gum - and he never found cards that he would like to keep, though he would have kept airplane or Navy cards had he found them.

  5. I used to wear a hat all the time...now can't. I just itch like crazy where it presses against my head.

    Hubby wears ball caps and has a big selection of them.

  6. I love patches, I put them on my dive bags.
    Hard to find a good hat. i don't see any I like in your pictures.

  7. blogger/google does that weird delay thing now and again. so frustrating.

    i do not like to wear hats. i can't stand the 'hot' feeling i get. i will wear visors during summer. earmuffs during winter. that's it.

    i do believe i've seen your wife wearing a hat or two in the past. :)

  8. I like to wear a cap... same lack of hair thing going on.
    These stalls are al nice to see but can they really make a living from it?

  9. One person's junk is another person's treasure. It just depends on what one is into.
    Great photos of the various collections. Love the hats especially.

  10. I am not a patch person, either, but I love my baseball caps and my hats. My mother never let me out the door of the house in south Florida without my hat and it stuck. At 74 I still wear a hat every time I leave the house.

  11. Gack, that one pink hat with all the lace and flowers on it is horrible. How would any lady look sharp in that John? LOL


  12. The baseball cards would be fun.


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