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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let's Go For a Hike

Where should we go?  First though, where are we?  Well we are at Y looking at this sign.  We parked the car at X.  That where the Little House on the Highway is stored at a small RV storage facility.  My home is situated right about where O is.  I've been on all the trails of the park numerous times.  Now I take to animal trails cross country just to explore and find new things.  Well being this is a weekend with a lot more than the usual amount of visitors, let's head away from them towards Z on Two Quarry Trail and search for an animal path to follow.


And we're off.

Guess we better not go this way off the trail.

Let's go further along and see what we can find.

Oops, not here either.

Ah, here we go.  See the faint animal path?  Deer are the main path makers.

After several hours of this, with lots ups and downs and nary an animal or bird to be seen, 
let's start heading back.

 Wait, what are these doing here?  I've come across this type of debris a few times hidden away in the never visited reaches of the park.  My guess it is left behind from the days of long ago when men quarried cobblestone from this area for the buildings and streets San Francisco, and then to help the rebuild of the city  after the great earthquake of 1906.  Soon thereafter the quarries ceased operation for cobblestone streets weren't that great for automobiles.

 These barrels tumbled down from the top of this steep ravine long ago.

 What is really interesting is to think some of these boulders came down from above sometime after the barrels.  Notice how this rock crashed into the side.  Imagine the force in the torrent of water needed to dislodge the boulders.

And that my friends is all I have to show for our half a day wandering through the woods last Saturday.  That's not to say I didn't enjoy myself.  How about you?


biebkriebels said...

Always something unexpected on your hikes.

Carole M. said...

...those rocks reminded me of bluestone, or ironstone. Thanks for sharing the walk John; always interesting to see other parts of the world, so easily as this

TexWisGirl said...

a barrel o' fun, eh? :) glad you didn't get yourself lost.

genie said...

I would have been happy as a clam and bud would have been, too. But, today I was NOT happy. Went all the way into town to get Bud’s Christmas present Apocalypse soup makings. Looked in my little purse, and much to my dismay had left the list of cans at home. Looks like I get to drive another 50 mile round trip into town and back. I am sososo stupid sometimes. If at once you don’t succeed, then you will have to try again. I am one determined old gal this year. genie

John W. Wall said...

That illegal trail is very interesting. I've never come across quite that kind of sign, although there are trails on Mt. Tam that have been decommissioned and placed off-limits. I wonder if they use trail cameras in there for surveillance. And those barrels! No doubt they are empty now, but holy cow.... I don't suppose they were filled with water.

s.c said...

You have still a lot to discover there. But it looks promising.

Reena said...

Always a treat here! Have a great Holiday!

Randy said...

Great looking hike!

Pam said...

Reminds me of my walk last week in Kettle Moraine. I too struck off on animal trails, followed some coyote prints in the snow for awhile before it got too thick. Makes for a nice change sometimes.