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Monday, April 28, 2014

Springfield, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln's Tomb

Yeah, it was kind of creepy inside.  Back in Indiana we came across Abe's boyhood home once the family left Kentucky.  From then on we've been following Lincoln stuff ending up at his resting place at Oak Ridge Cemetary.  I have lots to share about the Lincolns from the past couple of days. 

Yes, that is a big storm system off in the distance and fools that we are, drove right smack into it. When crap starting blowing horizontally across the road we took refuge in the Beardstown Grace Baptist Church parking lot while the locals continue driving like it is no big deal.  With tornadoe watches all around us until 7pm we're staying put in a Walmart parking lot for the night.  There's no mobile home trailer parks nearby so we should be okay.  At least the lightening and thunder have stopped for which Sinbad is very grateful. 

Tomorrow we will be in Iowa.


  1. Very interesting. Can you stay in the lot overnight, will they ask you to leave? Loving the wild sky there!

  2. Bud and I were talking about you all today wondering where you were now on your trip...and if you were in the danger zone. Thank goodness you were able to take cover. When the doratio hit here and the trees were blowing parallel to our road out here, we, too, took refuge in the Baptist Church for about 4 hours. I told them I was an Episcopalian, said naughty words, and drank alcohol at times and hoped that they would look over it and let us come in. Everyone got a big laugh. Glad you are OK. Stonewall Jackson and R.E.Lee are both buried here with their families and Lee with his horse. One of there day you all must come here and Bud and I need to go to Lincoln’s resting place. g

  3. i was wondering about you on the road thru this mess. stay safe!

  4. Oh my John, please be careful.

  5. spooky!

    Stay safe

    ALOHA from Honolulu


  6. an impressive image John - hope your next travels will be in good conditions

  7. Yes the terrible weather reach also our television with overturned trucks and blown away houses. I found the Lincoln memorial in Washington al so impressive but it seams that there is a lot more in this regard. Hope you stay save over there and the greetings to Sinbad.

  8. I saw some terrible images on tv about your country with the devastating tornados. Stay save and take no risks.

  9. what a photo op for you! Good luck getting "the shot."

  10. Sounds like a fascinating trip John.
    You get to visit some wonderful places with lot's of history.
    Many thanks for sharing.

  11. Those clouds look a little scary. A storm seems an appropriate backdrop for the tomb.


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