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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daniel Boone's Grave

Frankfort, Kentucky

Whenever I go searching for a particular grave-site in a cemetery, there is always that lingering doubt I'll not be able to locate it.  I've failed a few times in the past.  
This cemetery was huge with multiple roads going this way and that, up and down hills.

  But I guess enough people come to see Daniel Boone's grave for they've set up little signs with arrows leading you along the way.  You just have to look carefully for them, and finally you have arrived.

This made me think I was at their home.  The only thing missing was the mailbox.

The Boone's have a nice view of Kentucky's capitol along the Kentucky River.
Frankfort is the fifth smallest capitol city in the U.S., just in case you wanted to know.
Maybe you can impress your friends with this little tid-bit of knowledge.

It was kind of a dismal day, ideal for visiting a cemetery.

The Boone's besides having the great view 
had a nice resting place in that no one else was buried close to them. 

The four sides of the monument depicted important chapters in Daniel Boone's life.  
Here he has just killed a deer.

Now he is about to kill a Indian while standing on one he just did in.

I'm not sure what he is talking to this man about, but it must have been important.
Maybe about killing Indians.

Here Daniel Boone has got himself a wife to milk the cow for him.
Now he's free to kill more Indians.

 And that is Daniel and Rebecca Boone's grave. 

Walking back to the Little House on the Highway I saw this.  First thing I thought of was how small that tree must have been in 1933 and just what it had done in 81 years.  
The next thing I thought of was, What has it done to the coffins underneath? 


biebkriebels said...

It is a resplendent grave for a man that must have been proud of his actions. Currently we have another opinion.

s.c said...

Wasn't that the guy who made the coonskin cap so popular in the whole world?

Stewart M said...

I think that first comment here is going in the same vein as I was going - not all the sides of the memorial seem that noble!

cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: like the idea of you photo challenge - longish focal length from a distance is my fist response.

MarkD60 said...

I remember the Daniel Boone show starring Fess Parker.

Your post gave me a different impression of him than I got from the TV show.

MarkD60 said...

I remember the Daniel Boone show starring Fess Parker.

Your post gave me a different impression of him than I got from the TV show.

TexWisGirl said...

interesting 'address' marker, for sure! the tree... wow!

Unknown said...

I remember Daniel Boone from comic books during my youth, when I still thought Native Americans were the bad guys. Nice set of shots.

Halcyon said...

What a neat place to visit!

AphotoAday said...

Hmmm… I'm seeing Frankfort, Kentucky with 27,382 as #4 with Helena, Montana as #5 with 29,939--(don't know--maybe Helena shrunk while Frankfort grew)
Anyway, three smaller capitols are Augusta, Maine with 18,444; Pierre, South Dakota with 14,072, and the smallest is listed as Montpelier, Vermont with a mere 7,705.
Just thought you would want to know.

John W. Wall said...

I'd be proud to feed a tree. When I'm gone, that is.


Rose said...

Nah, you got it wrong about the conversation they are having...Daniel is telling him, "Go down this trail a good piece, till you come to big tall beech tree...right thar you head west...."


One of these day we will have to head down there...we could do it in a day...or else stop on our way to Tennessee.

Randy said...

Beautiful marker. You see the most amazing things. I admire your travels.

PatrickLee said...

Too, too many Boone stereotypes! I've portrayed Daniel Boone professionally for 20 years, so I know my stuff. The worst is to characterize him as an Indian killer.
Though the good folk of Kentucky will disagree, the good folk of Missouri claim Daniel's bones. The truth will never be known. Chances are some of his remains are in both places. See the Missouri site here:

Unknown said...

Daniel Boone never wore a coonskin hat. That was the TV character.