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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Appalachian Hike

Appalachian Trail, Virginia

We had spent the night in Roanoke, Virginia. I got an early morning start on Highway 311 to begin crossing the Appalachian Mountains.  All of a sudden the highway crossed the Appalachian Trail, much to my surprise.  And right there was a large parking area for hikers.  I wheeled the Little House on the Highway into the lot without any indecision like I usually have.  I put on my hiking clothes, wolfed down a bowl of cereal and took off.

I had always wanted to hike some on this trail and couldn't believe I was actually going to get to do it.  I decided to hike one hour on the northern section across the road, come back, then go for another hour south.  The Trail is 2200 miles long and stretches from Maine down into Georgia.

After several attempts of setting up the camera, fumbling with the timer, running on down the trail and strike a pose, I finally got a picture.

 I bet this is really pretty in the Fall.

I posted this photo on the blog at the time, but like the other attempts to take my picture, so much work went into getting the shot that I'm posting this one again.

This short video is a little bit herky jerky but I tried my best to hold the camera steady.
I just wanted a little something to remember this moment by.
In the beginning you can hear what sounds like the song of a Humpback Whale.  I can assure you I was on the Appalachian Trail.  I don't know what made that sound.
Eerie and spooky but I kind of like it in there.


  1. Awesome photos and video. I live in north Georgia. In younger years, I hiked a little of the trail down on this end! It really is gorgeous in Autumn.

  2. congrats on getting to hike it a bit!

  3. beautiful scenery. really rocky in parts.

  4. John,
    This is awesome.
    I am so happy to note that you went to Appalachian Trail and hiked a part of it. I have a nephew who wants to trek the entire trail.
    Have a Nice Weekend!
    Peace :)

  5. You made me laugh with your selfie attempts. I can see it in my imagination. We once walked a short part of the Appalachi trail, just to have had the feeling.it was at that place where we met the motorbikers and I was invited to sit on one. Maybe you remember. I am stressing with packing and going to the aeroport with all its new rules of security, I hate that part of travel.

  6. Ah, you were in my beautiful neck of the woods. I'm so glad you enjoyed your hike and thanks for the beautiful photos.

  7. Wonderful that you actually got to hike some on the AT...

  8. Great to see this location again John...it is magic and the flowers great to find too. I can imagine the time to set up the selfies...but they worked..we'll done

  9. That's a trail I would like to hike as well - not the entire length though! It looks rather peaceful. Were there many other people? I wouldn't mind the company of humpback whales either...

  10. One of my friends used to have the goal of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail a few miles at a time. I don't know if he ever completed this goal as I've lost contact with him. I have hiked parts of it in Main, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It's gorgeous there too!

  11. Looks great! I'd like to make that trek!

  12. Aww! We have an adventure in common this year now, though mine was venturing a little in both directions on the AT in Tennessee! I see you saw Spring Beauty too, just like I did. I would love to be adventurous enough to do a "through" hike on this. I'll settle for a shuttle hike though next time I'm in the Smokies. Just catching up tonight, can't wait to see what else you got up to!


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