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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Gothenburg, Nebraska

This lady was taking a picture of her little boy with her smartphone.  When done I asked if she'd like to have a picture of them together.  Yes, she would love that.  Then I see her phone!  The thing still worked too.  She told me what had happened to it, her boy friend or husband broke it.  Something to do about sitting on it, backing the truck over it, I forget.

It was coated with dust and in the harsh light we couldn't see if the picture took or not.  Here she is struggling to see only to eventually find out her little boy had flipped it to video mode and that is why we weren't hearing any "click".

 Look at this rig they came rolling in on.  A big moving day there in Nebraska.
That is her and her boy.

 I always like to offer to take pictures of people together when they are taking pictures of just one or the other.  They are always happy to have me do this, especially couples.  Sometimes I'll say "Would you like a picture of the two of you together?" and they reply "Yes, we would, thank you".  I then hold up my camera and start to take a picture.  This always throws them for a loop.  It's especially fun to pull with foreigners.


  1. That those trucks are allowed on public roads. Well its the freedom of the USA I guess.

  2. That is a funny story with that phone! It looks "amazing". Smart boy instead of a smartphone. They seem moving indeed.

  3. a great photo of 'life' there. :) i have trouble enough seeing my samsung screen outside w/o any cracked screen. :)

  4. LOL... I'll have to try that couples photo op. I love that photo of the truck.

  5. In the old days, I would sometimes be the only one with a camera, and people would want me to send them a picture I'd taken of them. Not often, but it happened a few times, and I was always glad to do it.

    That truck must spend a lot of time in gas stations!

  6. I always volunteer to take pictures of tourist too.

  7. Very nice of you to offer to lend a hand, John. That's awesome.

    We need more people doing this.

    On a lighter note, I am reminded of:
    1) The scene from "European Vacation" with Chevy Chase; the scene near the fountain in France, where he asks a complete stranger to video his family...

    2) The scene from the movie, "Return of the Pink Panther"; the scene from Switzerland, where Clouseau asks a passerby, "Do you know the way to Plaza Hotel". The guys simply answers, "Yes', and then walks away...

    Have a Beautiful Day!

    Peace :)

  8. interesting post from you John; yes it is nice to do I think, step in and offer to take people's photos for them. They're often tourists that really appreciate it and it's just nice to 'say hello' with them and wish them a nice day/stay too. You're a bit of a trickster John...

  9. Oh yeah, blame the camera setting on the little boy.

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  11. I seem to push the wrong button on my camera without the assistance of any little boys.

  12. The phone has seen better days. Were they on a camping trip or moving, I wonder.

  13. I guess that says something for Samsung!


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