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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Pawnee Recreational Home

This was right next to the yesterday's Pawnee Earth Lodge.  
When the Pawnee went on hunting trips they used teepees for temporary shelter.  
Gee, a little like Sinbad and I do with the Little House on the Highway.

As you can see by the poles this appears to be a store-bought teepee.
It is not that authentic looking, especially with zip-ties around the bottom 
and ropes securing it to the ground.

 The Plains Indians used buffalo hide for the covering, not canvas. 
Nevertheless it was a very efficient design for a portable shelter on the Great Plains.

This feller lived close by and was very happy to have me come by and visit him.

  I think he was bored and lonely being the only one there.

So people, when you have a poopy photograph, try converting it to black and white.  
In most cases you can make the image more presentable in black and white.
If that fails then I call it rubbish and delete it. 
But in this case I tried one more possibility out of sheer desperation. 
I think this is the first sepia tone photo I have ever put onto the blog.  
And I think it worked in this case as the subject matter leaned toward sepia.


  1. perhaps you should have tried sepia on the modernized teepee to hide the zip ties and all. :)

  2. I like the sepia version of the bison. Nice to see the teepee, even if it is made out of canvas.

  3. I think it works well in sepia, too.

    I always think how heavy the buffalo hides must have been to move when they were traveling...and think of transporting those long poles.

  4. Love these shots. I would love to have a teepee.

  5. Looks good in sepia. I would find it hard to delete a photo of a buffalo. Buffalo photos are not that easy to get.

  6. Nicely salvaged! Whoever heard of just one buffalo, except on the back of a nickel. Sad.


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