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Friday, August 8, 2014


Somewhere along Highway 277 Texas

And so I decided not to picnic here.

I left it all to these guys who were probably responsible for scattering all of the refuse.

And this big fellow too, a Crested Caracara. 

The sharp-eyed observer may have noticed that this is the same trash can as above in the second photo. The above photo was taken before the that one up above.  Yep, someone pulled in while we were there and stuffed their Styrofoam into the the trash can.  Did I say anything?  Nope.  I'm a Californian in Texas and I kept my mouth shut.  That's not to imply Texans are to be fearful of.  They are some of the nicest, friendliest and helpful people you will find in America.  No, it is that California license plate that I need to be mindful of.


  1. Unfortunately there will always be litter louts wherever one roams. If it's there, can't blame the birds for scattering it about.
    Depressing sight, except for the birds which are beautiful. Hope you eventually found a nice place to picnic.

  2. Wow Caracara!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3

  3. Yes very nice shots of the bold and the beautiful, but litter becomes a great problem. We must do a step back or it will be done on a way nobody will experience.

  4. ...and a neat little eating area provided; shame about the rubbish; I wouldn't have stopped around either

  5. They should have puta closed litter there. It must be known that animals and birds come to the trash to get around here. It is close to a wood.

  6. Proving yet again that there will always be those people who ruin it for the rest of us.

  7. love that you got to see a caracara - even if it was dumpster diving. hate the trash, though. folks, find a REAL dumpster, not a trash can...

  8. they must not be able to read.

    pretty birds.

  9. this makes me sad. you wish folks could be more respectful. ) :

    give a hoot don't pollute. said by Woodsy Owl - do you ever remember those commercials?

    litter stinks. in more ways than one!! ha. ha!! ( :

  10. I can almost forgive the birds. I hate seeing litter...I really get irritated having it blow into our yard from the golf course our yard backs up to! I would love to find these birds in our garden though...how much trash needs to blow into our yard first? Kidding, only about the trash.. :)

  11. Can only imagine what that park looked like *before* they put the sign up. Pretty cool to see the caracara though!

  12. Humanity disappoints so many times!

  13. That trash lying around is such a sad sight.

  14. Pretty funny (and true) about the CA license plate.

  15. Lovely birds and a glimpse of reality, as it is, in some places.

    I often look at the thousands of Goo and other, caffeinated, 'energy' sachets, discarded by cyclists, runners and other 'active' lifestyle folks and wonder about what it will take for them to take it to a trash can (or carry it until you find one).

    I have started picking up the litter near the bus stop and putting it in the trash can, which is 1 foot too far from the bench at the bus stop.

    And, then one wonders about how clean Singapore is.

    Peace :)


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