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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cape San Blas, Florida

Totally took this photo incorrectly as the "experts" say to have the horizon at one-third of the frame,
not splitting it in half!  But it is all I got, so there.

 Yes, bad weather was in the forecast and we were told to evacuate the campground that morning for we could be cut off from the only avenue of escape.  How exciting!  Well we were leaving anyway.  Once on the five mile long road I am looking at the waters and thinking how wimpy the surf looked.  I mean, I live near the Pacific Ocean and even the calmest day there has bigger surf than this!

The fact of the matter was the wind would push the water up onto the roadway carrying the beach with it and until the road was cleared away by graders, there would be no getting through the mess.
I can understand that.

But I stopped along the way anyways to enjoy the moment and take a few pictures.

The picture I put onto the blog at the time.  The iPhone is good for fun shots like this and easy to insert into the blog when internet connections leave a lot to be desired.

At least I did better in the composition department with this short video.


biebkriebels said...

Those are very nice pictures and it is interesting to see how the roads are so close on the same level at the sea without any protection of a kind of wall to keep the sand away from it. I like the one with the bench and the funny running bird along the waterfront. Don't know what to say about your legs, I am speechless...:)

s.c said...

The bird represents also a kind of american picker I assume.

Carole M. said...

John, this is a neat series; no need for picture-perfection; this is no academy on Blogger :) (thank heavens). Glad you had time to enjoy, take your snaps and head on out of there for new adventures.

Michelle said...

I love that first photo, incorrect or not!

TexWisGirl said...

love the sand, surf and seagrass! and shorebird and sound. :)

Rose said...

That first shot is still wonderful....I often do the dreaded thing horizon in the middle of the photo...I know better but get excited and forget. I think I would love that one in B&W, too.

Randy said...

Beautiful beaches. Not a fan of the beach but I would visit there.

Scott Law said...

Some of the best shots break the "rules". That top shot proves it. All of these are some of your best from a photographic POV.

Karen said...

Thanks for a blast from the past, John. San Blas FLA was one of our most favorite places when our (now adult) girls were young. Gotta get back there soon.