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Saturday, August 30, 2014

On the Way Out of Gator Hook Trail

Everglades, Florida

After leaving the mosquitoes behind me I settled down to a more leisurely pace for the return hike out.  Going in I was like a little boy in a toy store so excited to be someplace new that I tended to rush through it.  Coming back I was able to calm down and enjoy things I did not take the time to on the way in.

I think this is the same plant I photographed going in only now it is from the other side.

Amazing how these bromeliads are able to take hold and live on a branch like this.

Hey pal, there's a hoard of mosquitoes for you about a mile back up the trail.

And then there was this guy making the best out of the unfortunate situation he was placed in.


  1. Great macro's John. All made by your iphone?

  2. You made some beautiful pictures on your hiketour. Very nice.

  3. Looks like this was a wonderful trek. Thanks for sharing your souvenirs.

  4. fantastic images John. love the butterfly image.

  5. PS forgot to say the dragonfly images are fabulous too.

  6. Love the Dragonfly shot with the purple background. One of your best.

  7. Gorgeous dragonfly! Always good to slow down and see the small stuff.

  8. Glad you slowed down to see and photograph these! The butterfly is particularly gorgeous.


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