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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pancho Villa State Park

Columbus, New Mexico

This was a nice campground just north of the Mexico border.  The mountains in the distance is Mexico.
I kind of wanted to stay an extra day but then I was antsy about moving on too.  I get that way early on in a road trip; always excited to see what is around the bend in the road and over the next hill.  If we are ever in the bottom of New Mexico again, I'll make a point of staying here.  
Can you spot The Little House on the Highway?

My first post at the time using the iPhone and an app while on the road.

Our camp is up front on the far right.


  1. There is not much vegetation, I see some cacti. Must be a hot place to stay there. Nice to see such an overview of the environment.

  2. I wonder how the water situation is over there. I just read some alarming messages about the water situation in the south west of the USA. Still that selfie is a good one with a kind of monochrome coloring. Nice.

  3. John,
    I am reminded of the show, 'Longmire'.

    Have a Great Weekend!

    Peace :)

  4. That looks like a pretty nice site in which to camp. What time of the year were you and Sinbad there? Glad you were able to capture some very nice cactus in the foreground.


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