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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Too Close!

Somewhere along Interstate 5 California

It is the day we left home to begin our trip to tour the Gulf Coast.  I stopped to get something to eat, backing in to a parking space.  Only when I got out did I see how close I had come to smashing in the rear corner of the Little House on the Highway. Whew! I must be more careful.

This is not unusual.  I have had some close calls early on in other trips which reminds me that I am not driving a car, but a small house.  So I vow to be more careful when backing into spots, especially camp spots with low hanging trees, or high posts in back to keep one from going further than the park wants.

If I had made contact and done even a little damage, I'd be looking at it every single day when on the trip which would bother me to no end.  Did I learn a lesson?  Well yes until I backed into a spot in Florida and narrowly missed a tree by just as close.  But I am blaming that one on my first alligator sighting which occurred just moments before.


  1. well we don't want to see any pics of the closer shaves John; give up on seeing how close you can get now

  2. Still no harm done but to give you an extra brainwash to look twice before parking with a house on wheels. I would have hit it as I did once with a fencepost.

  3. Do you also park that way at a cliff or. At the waterfront.?
    I always run out when SC parks lat the waterfront, it ffrightens me to dead.

  4. Sorry, I am typing in the sunshine on my tablet, can hardly see what I am writing....all those mistakes.

  5. glad it was a miss and not a hit! both times!

  6. Glad there wasn't a mishap.

    Peace :)

  7. It's always good to have a little luck when you're in a tight spot!

  8. Whew! Glad you didn't hit it!

  9. Close! And I can understand why you would be distracted by the alligator!

    Nice comment about the role of religion!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. When my ship was in the drydock, we lived in the barracks and I got a drivers license to drive my shipmates back and forth. At first the bus was huge, but after a while, I was flying like a maniac, and it was very easy to drive.
    You need to drive more aggressively and gain more confidence!
    Just kidding!

  11. A miss is as good as a mile....


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