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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coffee on the Road

We were somewhere in Nebraska one late morning and I was feeling the need for a boost to get us to the next town many miles down the road.  When travelling I'll stop at a Starbucks for they are everywhere and it just makes it easy when you are not familiar with the area.  However this town - I've forgotten which - did not have a Starbucks which they are to be commended for that.  I stopped and asked a local where I could get a coffee drink and was told to go to the movie house on Main Street "just around the corner".  And sure enough, they had the usual espresso drinks to choose from.  I always get an Americano and was shocked to see their price - $1 !  Starbucks gets $2.95 for their "tall" which is really their small.

When handed my drink it was as big as Starbucks "grande" which is really their medium.  Why does Starbucks do that?  Just have small, medium and large.  Who are they fooling anyway?  Well evidently millions of coffee drinkers. The movie house drink was every bit as good too.  That is the one thing with Starbucks is consistency.  No matter where you are are you know your drink will be just as you have known it to be.  

It was a neat old theater still having the nostalgic charm to its lobby.  I think the little girl was their usher.  Remember ushers in movie theaters?

I was so excited to have a coffee drink that I forgot to take a picture of the theater from out front.
Ever since returning home I haven't been in a Starbucks.


  1. Yes there are still parts in the world were they make their own coffee and sometimes even a lot better than by starbucks. Thats something they didn't count on when they started in Europe . Only in a country with real terrible coffee their formula works.

  2. The thing I was most disappointed about was the coffee in the US at my first visit. I couldn't believe they sold it as coffee, it was dich water without any coffee taste. When we discovered Starbucks, we were relieved to have a real coffee. But the whole concept is a bit tiresome, all those questions and sizes. In Europe you just get a strong coffee with or without milk and sugar, you can add yourself.
    I am glad to hear you have some wise people around who serve the right coffee for a right price.

  3. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a coffee for a dollar here in Perth John :) I think we may be the only state in Oz that doesn't have a Starbucks, it doesn't bother me :)

  4. Whatever it is about Starbucks, people keep going back. Maybe it's the very strong, burnt taste of the coffee. We have a cute little shop in town called the Java Ranch, and their coffee is reasonable and milder.

  5. I have heard that our coffee is not considered good coffee. I guess it is what you get used to.

  6. what a great find! i do not like starbucks coffee.

  7. I cannot STAND Starbucks. They just rip people off! Glad you found that movie house.

  8. There's something to be said for a local coffee shops prices.


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