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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Driving Savannah Georgia

A lovely street in Savannah.  It would be even more so had it not been raining at the time.
It may appear we are moving fairly fast but as you will see not fast enough for Mary Kay.

Here at home last Friday, some much needed rain but it was all too short.
You can hear thunder at the end, rare for us.  Sinbad took off seeking shelter under the bed. 

The above video was an experiment taken with the phone and put onto the blog not using You Tube.  
It works but has its limitations.


  1. Must still be something after so much time with no rain. Nice trees along the way. Looks nice.

  2. Such a nice road with all the trees. The rain can be very refreshing after a long dry period.

  3. hallelujah for some rain for you! and i liked the rain hitting the windshield, too. would be music to my ears, too.

  4. Savannah is one of my favorite cities. We took the trolley around town and got a good explanation of all there was to see. The layout of the city is fascinating...all preplanned.

  5. I think the rain makes it more beautiful...but know it limits the photography!

  6. Yours was a proper rain. Ours was just enough to make the sidewalks damp and mess up the cars.

  7. ah, yes. i remember this one. :)


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