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Sunday, September 7, 2014

West Virginia

Logan, West Virginia

An over night rest stop.

This just fascinated me.  They cut back into the mountain to build a Walmart, Dollar Tree and a few other shops which were vacant.  Look at all this unneeded parking space.  It seems to me leave the mountain, build the stores and there still would be enough space left over for parking.  But I am not an engineer so what do I know?

I parked over the drain in the parking lot for it was about the only level space to be had.  I guess others found that so as they used this spot to drain the oil from their car when doing an oil change.  Notice the smashed used oil filter at the corner.  Simply amazing.

One of the local's home residence.

West Virginia had more litter along the roadways than any other state I've been in.
Just an observation, that's all.


  1. sad about the litter - and worse about putting the oil into the sewer system!

  2. Perhaps they just used an abandoned military area inside the mountain. Pity about al that litter.

  3. We have a litter problem over here John...

  4. Sounds like a sad state of affairs.

  5. I hate when they cut into mountains that way.

  6. I agree with you about using the mountain for a shop. So useless. And the litter is everywhere it seems, here it is the same, in nature and in streets.

  7. Sure doesn't make me want to visit West Virginia. It's hard to believe someone actually drained oil into the sewer system! ICK!


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