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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fort Pickens Two

Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida

The fort was designed for 200 guns and each gun required a crew of 8 men.  During one particular bombardment in 1861 the crews were ordered to fire no more than every 15 minutes. Tremendous amounts of smoke ensued from the use of black powder and time was needed for the smoke to clear.

Most of the fort consisted of gun emplacements and storage rooms for mines and gunpowder.

The first three photos were done with the flash and the rest were done without the flash using the minimal natural light that there was.  It was really a dark and dismal place to be inside of.

Wood lining within these rooms helped keep the powder dry 
and copper and brass hardware prevented sparks.

I wasn't holding the camera very steady here.

I know big guns were placed on each of these semi-circles.

These platforms may have been for smaller guns that didn't require as much side to side movement.
Just guessing here.  How many bricks have we seen so far?

Oh, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am saved!

More of the fort tomorrow.  We'll go outside for a breath of fresh air.


  1. Must have been very uncomfortable inside with all the draft, damp and condensed walls.

  2. Those forts are very oppressive, so dark and humid. Very uncomfortable to live and to fight in. But when is fighting comfortbale anyway.

  3. So similar to our own Fort Point at the Golden Gate. Cool shots. Pretty darned spooky, I would bet, in places.

  4. wow - every 15 min! must have been dreadful inside there!

  5. 21.5 million bricks if Wikipedia is to be believed - I'll take their word for it.

  6. Wow! I'm so glad this place is preserved. Times sure have changed.

  7. John,
    The photos are very nice.
    Intriguing design.

    Peace :)

  8. Great shots. Love that first one.

  9. more wonderful images. the floor looks very uneven and pitted in that last image.

  10. Neat photos of the tunnel. I cannot imagine the air after each firing of the cannons. Sounds dreadful.


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