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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beads of Sap


  1. Very very nice composition. Love the colors, too.

  2. really pretty. i can see it as a framed poster with something inspirational on it. :)

  3. John, what a great picture. It looks like raindrops on the wood, but thicker.

  4. Never thought about photographing this! Not that I have cut wood recently...but even if I had it would not have crossed my mind.

  5. I love MarkD60"s comment...tree blood.
    Terrific shot. Great textures.

  6. What a wonderful photo . . .
    I have been hit or miss on my blog posting and visiting of late.
    Nice to see you this evening.
    I will be back to my usual in a few weeks.
    I think you mentioned Buster Keaton on one of your posts. He summered here in Muskegon for many years. The city celebrates him often.


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