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Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Morning Exploring

It was really nice to go for a walkabout each morning.

Now how did that boulder get there?

I never grew tired of the scenes to be seen.

Or the interesting lay of the rock.

Sitting at home looking at these pictures I wonder what it is like there right now.



  1. Those blue skies amazing! I read about the sudden cold in your country. I think we never get a winter this year here, 12 C today with sunshine.

  2. The difference between your and our landscape couldn't be greater. Never anywhere a rock formation or big stone in sight. It should be covered now with thick layers of mud or clay. The first real sturdy sand layer in amsterdam is about 20 m below ground level.

  3. I think I could live there, even though there is no ocean!

  4. The rock formations are always fascinating. And the cactus that grow in unbelievable circumstances are a study by themselves.

  5. yeah, i bet! really neat terrain, though!

  6. How rocks have been moved about by nature is something worth pondering. :)


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