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Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Morning

This looks more like a sunset but it really is the sun rising in the east.

The morning sun on Mt. Whitney.  
There's my little buddy.

  It was around 30 years ago when I was last on that road.  We camped at Whitney Portal Campground then the kids and I hiked to the top.  Once was enough.  I had to stop a couple times on the drive back down that road to let the brakes cool off in the old Land Rover.  Once was enough for that too.  Motor homes are not advised.  Take my word on that.    

Photo Taken with a 300mm lens.


  1. what a wonderful view to start the day! ;-)

  2. Great shots. I can see why the movie world loves those places.

  3. It is a stunning plave with great views. That light on the tops is so beautiful.

  4. The sunrise is really lovely...Hope Sinbad is feeling better.

  5. Wow, all those colors on the mountain....those golden peaks. So nice to see a great shot of Sinbad, too.

  6. Wowza!!! That's stunning scenery.

  7. Nice shots. Mr.Sinbad looks like a tiger in the wild.

  8. Those are some great photos, Jon.
    Very rich in color.
    Peace :)

  9. Really beautiful stunning sunset! Cots that rich, really? Send me over an 8x10 glossy 😃


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