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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Plant Life

This is just a sample of the plant life at the Alabama Hills

Yesterday I said I wish I knew more about Geology.  Today I can say the same for botany.
I don't know what this is but I thought it unique.

It likes to live close to the ground.  Maybe to be out from the wind?

I must return to this area in the spring and see the plants flowering.

The grasses provide good nesting material for the little mice and rats that live in the area.

This shrub, possibly a sage, is appearing to grow right out from the rock.

This one coming out from a narrow crack between the rocks.  I saw many examples of this including cacti growing in the most unlikely places.  It would make me wonder how it came to be in that spot in the first place.


  1. It is always amazing to see how plants can grow at such stony places. I wonder how they can survive. I don't know anything about plants too, so I like your expedition through the plantworld.

  2. I agree with bieb. New unexplored areas for the common blogger. Very nice to see.

  3. If you go back in Spring and/or late summer, the wild sunflowers are ablaze out on the road that turns west at the trailer park and Highway 375...I forget the name of it now. It goes through the cattle ranch and the bird shooting area...ask the locals about the sunflowers...It's before the Alabama Hills road, about 2 blocks south. I have TONS of photos of the sunflowers there.
    Cheryl Ann

  4. I wonder if the plant grew there because of the crack, or started growing there and made the crack?

  5. i like that first one - like the cacti is imitating the pile of rocks beyond it.

  6. Some unusual flowers and then the cactus. Some plants in Texas seem to grow out of anywhere they can put down a root.

  7. Always interesting to see how plants live in what looks to be unproductive environments!

  8. Pretty amazing how they can grow where they do.

  9. Love the cactus in the first shot.

  10. Hi, John. I can take a stab at guessing: beavertail cactus; pussy paws; something in the mint family; and the "sage" is probably rabbit brush (which blooms in fall).


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