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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rocks and Boulders

Looks like someone took a meat cleaver to that rock.

A little window.

Yep, I wanted to climb up there but there was no way...at least for someone my age.

Most all of the rock has a very rough texture to it.  It is very abrasive and guaranteed to ruin a good pair of pants if you slid down on it.  Imagine what it would do to your hide.

I didn't even consider going up there on this one.

 Another example of that seam of rock running through the boulders into the distance.


  1. The boulders looks a lot like the ones in the heart of Australia. Same weather conditions same surface structure probably. If they are also of the same stuff thats more difficult to tell.

  2. So many different shapes and colours, there must have been a lot going in the the past there with the earth.

  3. Reminds me of something, but I can't remember what it reminds me of.

  4. beautiful color tones in those rocks, but the images are powerful in b&w!

  5. Great rock creations, and your pictures are great.

  6. I've spent some time admiring your last several posts of the Alabama Hills. You have some beautiful photos here. I could almost imagine these scenes are in southern Utah!

  7. Some wonderful natural sculptures in either colour or B/W. I'm also at that annoying stage in life where everything says "Go on! Give it a go!" except a little voice at the back of my brain that whispers "Well, maybe not...."


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