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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Little Life

An ant colony which may have been abandoned for I never saw anyone coming or going.

This here I first thought was just another unusual rock formation 
but upon a closer look I discovered it was a living community. 

 The sign below which I have seen at other places describes this plant community.

And a black and white for the day.


  1. It is right to have a warning sign and I like the comic cartoon on it! Have never heard of such a "living" plant, interesting.

  2. I never knew that about the crust. I'm glad they warn people. Beautiful black and white.

  3. nice they posted signs to (hopefully) make people more careful. love the tree!!!

  4. I never knew of these plants before!

  5. I had no idea that these would grow in a colony! Interesting.

  6. Nice that there is a warning. I always enjoy your b/w photos.

  7. Love that b&w shot. Interesting info about the crust.


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