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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Barrel Cactus

 There are several types of barrel cactus but I only saw this variety at Alabama Hills.

The brown spots are withered up flowers from spring.  
As big as barrel cactus can be, their flowers are very small.

The spines besides being very sharp are also extremely hard.  
You could use one as a sewing needle for canvas, that's how tough they are.

This is another variety which I have one of at home in addition to the above.


  1. I see you are becoming a specialist in cacti growing. Maybe I will buy one for in my home....

  2. These plants are so funny, break one off, stick it in the ground, and it grows.

  3. I wonder if you can get water out of them?

  4. The last one is my favorite cactus.

  5. These last few posts from you have been so other worldly. It's very cool.


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